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Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

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Premium Ball With First Ever Matte Finish
Introducing the Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, the world’s first ever ‘matte finish’ 3 piece golf ball.
The extremely bright and stylish Volvik Vivid 3 piece ball provides longer distance for golfers with slower swing speeds and those looking for a softer feel and more consistent flight. It comes in six different colour options of Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue and White.
This is the worlds first ever matte finish golf ball and provides better visibility to help you locate your golf ball much more easily. Used by two time Masters champion Bubba Watson, the Volvik Vivid balls offer exceptional performance and inject some fun into the game!

– High Visible Matte Finish
– Longer Distance on Low Swing Speeds (70-90 MPH)
– Consistent & Accurate Green Control
– 3-Piece Technology For Exceptional Feel
– Extremely Bright & Stylish

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