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Postolje loptice za golf

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Lignum tees

Available in a choice of 5 lengths.

3 1/8“ (82mm)

2 3/4“ (72mm)

2 1/2“ (62mm)

2 1/8“ (53mm)

1 1/2“ (38mm)

The Lignum Microwood Tees have been designed to provide you with a consistent height every time you tee the ball up to encourage better ball striking that will lead to better distance and accuracy control.

Lignum have used height adjustment rings around the tee peg that can determine where you strike the ball best. The best way to test and achieve the right height for you is to get some impact tape, place it on the face and adjust the height of the tee in the ground until you get the desired impact position.

Height markings embedded into the tee provide easy height control.

A unique combination of wood, polymers, natural glue and plant material formed together to create a golf tee with high durability and flexibility when compared to wooden golf tees.100% biodegrdeable and causes no damage to mowers.Made in Europe





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