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Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

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Maximum Distance With Lowest Spin Profile
Chrome Soft X LS is designed for max distance in a fine-tuned lower spin profile. It’s especially suited for better players who want to “bomb it” off the tee, with a tremendous combination of long distance and a straight ball flight.The remarkable distance starts with our a high speed core and Dual Mantle system. The inner core in Chrome Soft X LS is significantly larger and generates high ball speeds, particularly off the driver and especially with higher swing speeds. A Soft Inner Mantle and the highly resilient Firm Outer Mantle work together to generate increased ball speed off the club face. This innovative system is specifically created to increase total distance.More speed also comes from a new, thinner Tour Urethane Cover, which is extremely durable and resilient. This thinner cover helps to optimize spin for each club in the bag, promoting lower spin off longer shots, outstanding control on approach and short game shots, and excellent feel off your irons and wedges. A new aerodynamic pattern completes the performance package, reducing drag to provide even longer distance and consistent lower spin trajectory.

Large SoftFast Core Increases Speed and Distance:
High speed core design is significantly larger to promote more ball speed and distance through the bag. This core also works with the mantle system to deliver high resilience and speed.
Maximum Ball Speed and Consistent Spin From A High Speed Dual Mantle System:
This mantle system is designed for high ball speeds. The Soft Inner Mantle and a highly resilient Firm Outer Mantle work together to generate fast ball speeds off the club face. This innovative system is specifically designed to increase total distance.
Excellent Feel and Spin Control from A Thin Propriety Urethane Cover:
Extremely durable, resilient and thin cover material. It’s built to increase ball speed and create low spin on full shots, while maintaining high spin, low launch, and control around the green.
Longer Distance and Consistent Trajectory From An Optimized Aero Design:
Aero design reduces drag for longer overall distance. The consistent, penetrating ball flight is optimized for this ball’s lower spin characteristics.

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